How to prepare for CA at home during the current pandemic situation

Chartered Accountancy is one of the most prestigious career choices in India, but going through the procedure of becoming a CA is quite frustrating for the aspirants. There are very few aspirants who make it possible to clear Chartered Accountancy in first attempt because all the three attempts of Chartered Accountancy are regarded as the toughest exams in India.


It’s a dream of every commerce student to become a Successful Chartered Accountant, but as the pandemic has affected the entire nation very badly, it’s quite tough for the students to cope up with their studies. If you are planning to clear CA exam after the pandemic ends, then you’d have to prepare at your home with complete dedication. Hard work is important to achieve success in Chartered Accountancy career. An institute for CA coaching in Delhi has brought this blog to share some tips to prepare for the CA exam. Let’s check them out!



  1. Prepare a time-table


First, step is to prepare a time table to schedule every activity that you do throughout the day. Students who assume that preparing time table is the waste of time is time make a big blunder in their career. Create a good schedule instead of spending time each day worrying about what to do. Choose the study material and assign time to each topic and chapter based on the days remaining in your exam.


  1. Study online


The best way to prepare during this pandemic situation is to study online. There are a lot of CA institutes that are providing online CA classes to the students at a very affordable price. Clarity on the concepts is essential from the basic level and you’ll get the clarity only if you get the guidance of experts. Chartered Accountancy is a tough journey, joining online coaching classes will guide you toward success.


  1. Prepare Your Own Revision Notes


The CA course is incredibly expansive and almost constant in a day and your handwritten notes are the perfect source of information to study during the revision period and exam. Please make your own quick notes during online classes that will be very useful during your test.


If you want to join the best online coaching, then join IRS, which is a leading institute for the Best CA coaching in Delhi. You can join online CA classes of IRS and clear your CA exams successfully.

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Strategies to prepare for CA foundation

Strategies to prepare for CA foundation
CA Foundation Course

In certain situations, graduates or CA aspirants complain that, after trying too hard, they can’t pass tests. There have been days where hard work has been the path to achievement, today you need more than hard work. You can definitely see the good effects as you accumulate smart research and dedication with hard work.

Chartered Accountancy is one of the toughest career choices that may drive the courage and trust of the applicant away if not cleared on time. With the guidance of professional faculties that provide CA foundation classes, you can learn some strategies to prepare for the CA foundation exam. To give a small glimpse of professional coaching, we are going to share some strategies to prepare for the CA foundation exam. Check them out!

  1. Plan, execute and study

Just when your CA exams are approaching, you begin to panic and fear and become uncertain as to how the practice will begin. When you place yourself in a condition of distress and anxiety, you might feel weak, but you have to not give up. You can continue your preparation with ease with a little management of your time-table and study schedule. Set a prime goal to complete your CA foundation in 3 months, and trust us, you’ll get a perfect outcome.

  1. Manage your time

Time management is important when you are preparing for the CA foundation exam. When you learn to prepare your entire research schedule intelligently, you will have fewer burdens and more efficiency in you. There are many institutes that provide CA coaching courses and test series to train you for the D-day if you feel that you cannot handle anything on your own. With appropriate direction and assistance from the experts, you will conduct and operate on the strategy.

  1. Professional coaching is essential

Many students would like to clear the Chartered Accountant Test in order to find the right profession that would help them survive. Certainly, the objective is that, but accurate coaching and evaluation are important in order to establish simple principles and procedures. Skilled coaching is extremely essential when you train for successful marks and percentage rates. They won’t just resolve your questions but also show you the right way to solve your paper. For professional coaching, we recommend you to join the IRS, which is the best institute for CA.

Source Link – https://cainstituteinlaxminagar.blogspot.com/2020/04/strategies-to-prepare-for-ca-foundation.html

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Why CA is a powerful profession


Due to increasing competition, a lot of students are dropping their CA career. Why is it so? Chartered Accountancy is career which provides you job security, money and power. Do not drop your dream of becoming a CA just because you couldn’t make it possible in first or second attempt. You need to be dedicated and hard working when you are doing CA. CA is the only professional that has been given so much priority by commerce student. It’s tough, but at the same time it’s rewarding. The provider of CA coaching in Delhi has brought this blog just to let you know the power of being a Chartered Accountant.

  • Chartered Accountants know a wide range of company and finance related laws, so they can handle a company very nicely.
  •  The salary package of a Chartered Accountant is higher than any other profession in commerce field. The average package of a CA stands between 7-12 lakes in India.
  •  Searching job is not at all tough for the Chartered Accountants. After completion of your CA course, you’ll surely get amazing job opportunities.
  • CA are highly knowledgeable in accounts, auditing, taxation, etc. and that is why they play an important role in a company.
  • The degree of CA is a globally recognized degree, so if you want to start a career in a foreign country, then you can easily apply for the job and get a good salary package.
  • The Chartered Accountants attain a powerful position in this society. So, if you want power, money and security, it is a good career to choose.

If you’ve made your mind to pursue Chartered Accountancy, no one can ever stop you to achieve your dream. With the right guidance and hard work, you can surely get what you want. If you are looking for the best institute for CA Courses then join the IRS, which is one of the leading CA institute in East Delhi.

Source Link- https://cainstituteinlaxminagar.blogspot.com/2019/12/why-ca-is-powerful-profession.html


How to prepare for CA Intermediate

78659759_1424357114398857_7716561577998024704_nClearing CA foundation is one of the toughest tasks and if you have completes this level of Chartered Accountancy, then you are halfway to become a successful CA. After CA Foundation comes CA intermediate, which the second level exam to become a CA. Once you overcome the fear and self-doubt, it will not seem to be a tough task to pass the CA-Intermediate exam. You will not have to worry about, particularly when you have our CA experts to provide you with the most effective planning tips for CA-Intermediate. The expert provider of CA coaching classes has brought some special tips that will make your CA intermediate preparation easy. So, don’t waste a single minute and proceed further.

  1. Begin with the easy

You will cover more in less time by revising the easy portion of the syllabus. It helps to strengthen your faith and hold anxiety in place. Once you arrive at the not-so-easy sections of the plan, most of the curriculum is completed. Now you can devote the rest of the time to the difficult topics or themes. One of the reasons for revising easy part early is that when your exams will come closer, you can learn the tough part which will stay in your mind till the exam ends.

  1. Prepare your handwritten notes

The best source to easily and efficiently revise is your handwritten notes. Prepare your own notes and try to prepare them for your complete curriculum in a chart format. This will help you understand better during the time of preparation and revision.

  1. So smart revision

By being in accordance with the above-mentioned point, you will easily revise the entire curriculum before the test. You can break it down to daily and weekly review bytes to make your revision process smarter. Every day for the next 30 days, you’ll have plenty of time to revise all topics. Likewise, on the last day of the week, you can assign a few hours to update each subject you covered all day.

  1. Join IRS

The right guidance is essential to mark the success in CA career. IRS is the best institute for CA coaching that you can join to get the best guidance from the expert faculties. Here you’ll avail the best amenities and teaching sessions from industry experts.

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Important points you should consider when choosing a career


Right after completion of school, students want to go in the right direction when it comes to their career. Choosing a career after clearing 12th class is one of the toughest tasks for students. So, how you should go about choosing the right career for you? If you’ve completed your 12th from commerce stream, then you have multiple options to choose from. The best institute for CA has brought this blog just to let you know some important points that you should consider while choosing a career. Here are the top 4 of them –

  1. Your interest

The first thing that you should consider while choosing your career is your interest and happiness. If you do something with interest, it’s obvious to get success in your career. Don’t be pressured while choosing your career. Pursue something, you’re truly happy and interested in.

  1. Future growth perspective

There are some career options that are in demand these days, but later they may collapse due to increasing technology and changes in law and order. You need to find a career that has chances of growth in future, like chartered accountancy. Companies will open and shut, but successful career in chartered accountancy will remain intact.

  1. Your mind

We all know our abilities and strength. If you are hard-working, then we recommend you to choose a career that demands 6-8 hours of study with complete dedication every day. But if you can’t study with dedication, then choose the career that needs your creativity and unique work style.

  1. Compatibility

You need to choose a career that is compatible with your personality. Otherwise, it would get extremely tough for you to cope up with your job in future. You need to step out of your comfort zone, but it shouldn’t be so drastic that it gets tough for you to manage.

One of the best career options you can choose after 12th is Chartered Accountancy. If you find it easy to be dedicated and hard-working towards your studies, then go for it and join IRS for the best CA coaching in Delhi. IRS will provide you complete guidance and faculties will teach you with complete perfection.       

Source Link- https://cainstituteinlaxminagar.blogspot.com/2019/12/important-points-you-should-consider.html