Important points you should consider when choosing a career


Right after completion of school, students want to go in the right direction when it comes to their career. Choosing a career after clearing 12th class is one of the toughest tasks for students. So, how you should go about choosing the right career for you? If you’ve completed your 12th from commerce stream, then you have multiple options to choose from. The best institute for CA has brought this blog just to let you know some important points that you should consider while choosing a career. Here are the top 4 of them –

  1. Your interest

The first thing that you should consider while choosing your career is your interest and happiness. If you do something with interest, it’s obvious to get success in your career. Don’t be pressured while choosing your career. Pursue something, you’re truly happy and interested in.

  1. Future growth perspective

There are some career options that are in demand these days, but later they may collapse due to increasing technology and changes in law and order. You need to find a career that has chances of growth in future, like chartered accountancy. Companies will open and shut, but successful career in chartered accountancy will remain intact.

  1. Your mind

We all know our abilities and strength. If you are hard-working, then we recommend you to choose a career that demands 6-8 hours of study with complete dedication every day. But if you can’t study with dedication, then choose the career that needs your creativity and unique work style.

  1. Compatibility

You need to choose a career that is compatible with your personality. Otherwise, it would get extremely tough for you to cope up with your job in future. You need to step out of your comfort zone, but it shouldn’t be so drastic that it gets tough for you to manage.

One of the best career options you can choose after 12th is Chartered Accountancy. If you find it easy to be dedicated and hard-working towards your studies, then go for it and join IRS for the best CA coaching in Delhi. IRS will provide you complete guidance and faculties will teach you with complete perfection.       

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Why choose a career in Chartered Accountancy


Think twice before you say that chartered accountants spend their entire life on their desks. Chartered Accountants are the real leaders of finance department of multinational companies, leading and guiding authorities, as well as supporting hands from all sectors worldwide. It is a rewarding, challenging and dynamic career option for those who has the capability to do be hard working and dedicated.
Chartered Accountants are the difference makers in the financial sector of India. They drive the businesses with their decisions and guidance. If you are planning to get into Chartered Accountancy career then you must read this blog post. The provider of CA Classes has brought this blog just to let you know the positive reasons to pursue this career.
Stable and growing career
Each business needs an expert CA these days. In the coming years, job opportunities in Chartered accounting are projected to expand. If you are searching for a stable career option that provide you a tremendous growth, then Chartered Accountancy is for you. After completing a CA degree, there are numerous job and business opportunities.
Help in growth of nation
A chartered accountancy is considered to be trustworthy and respectful position. The CA has the opportunity to be with several individuals and earn their respect. Because CA plays a key role in businesses and aims to improve a company, a Chartered Accountant is able to obtain a satisfactory position in contributing to the development of a nation.
A visible career path
You can gain practical knowledge in the area of cost analysis. It offers a clear career path to the one who wants to work hard with complete dedication. You know about the career prospects in chartered accountancy. While doing CA, you’d be having a clear path of achieving a CA prefix before your name.
If you want to kick start your CA career, then approach IRS to pursue CA Courses. It is a leading institute, where you’ll get the guidance to walk on your career path successfully.

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Is CA a high-paying career option for girls

74209826_1388919674609268_6739766765120651264_nGirls often look for a career that is high-paying as well as secure. If you are a girl and figuring out, which career you should choose, then we have rounded up an amazing career option for you. There are amazing career opportunities for the girls who are in Chartered Accountancy. In the beginning, you’d have to do a lot of hard work, but later your hard work will pay off as a high package and a leisurely job.
While preparing for CA you might have trouble understanding the syllabus and preparing for the exam. But gradually, you’ll understand everything and enjoy learning. To pursue the CA Course, you need the right guidance and a lot of dedication towards your career.
Why girls should choose Chartered Accountancy?
1.      Powerful profession
Once you get the CA prefix in your name, you’d have a lot of power in your fist. It is a secure job profession. In the beginning, you may face trouble while doing articleship, but later your signature will be very powerful and you can shake any company’s finance department easily. Women who want to pursue a powerful profession must enter in Chartered Accountancy.
2.      Secure profession
Chartered Accountancy is a secure profession for women. If you don’t want to work under anyone, you can start your own independent business and work on your own terms and condition. In this era, when women don’t feel secure, they left their job and start spending time with family and ruin their career due to the fear. Get the CA degree, and start your own business, where you’ll have complete security.
3.      High-paying profession
Chartered Accountancy is a career in which you get a lucrative salary while working for a company. Once you start managing the accounts of a company, you’ll get an amazing salary package. No one can ever take your place in a company if you work with complete trust. Once you start your own CA firm, even we can’t estimate your salary.
If you want to start your CA career, then join IRS and get the best CA coaching in Delhi. It is a leading institute, where you’ll get expert’s guidance and best coaching.

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Things you should know while preparing for CA foundation.


Students who want to become a CA need to clear its first attempt, i.e., CA Foundation with good marks. Once you get registered for CA foundation, you get complete four months to prepare for the exams and I think, this is enough time to clear the exam in one go. You can only clear the CA foundation exam in one go if you prepare according to the expert’s guidance. You need to be dedicated and hardworking to crack the foundation level in the first attempt.

Chartered accounting is considered the hardest course in India, and every student of commerce dreams to become a successful Chartered Accountant. CA Foundation is an entry point into the chartered accountancy world. Chartered accounting has proven to be a good option for a student who has just completed the 12th exam, looking for a career in the business world. It is actually the best career option for commerce students. While preparing for CA foundation, there are certain things that you need to keep in your mind. From CA foundation coaching to guidance, there are certain things you should know about. Following are these amazing things –

  1. Understand things

No matter what subject you are studying, you need to focus on understanding rather than learning. Once you start understanding thing, no one can stop you to ace this career. Learning remains in your mind for 10-15 days, but if, you’ll understand things, it will remain in your mind forever.

  1. Set small goals

Set certain goals before you continue to learn. It can be for a certain day or a specific number of hours. It will definitely help you achieve your target. Treat yourself with something that you like once you achieve this goal. You will have fewer risks of wasting your precious time by establishing goals. Small goals today, will give you big results for tomorrow.

  1. Practice mock tests

Practising mock test is the best way to analyze yourself. Practice mock test by setting up a time limit for yourself. This will help you avoid silly mistakes in the exams. The institute you’ll join for the coaching will provide you mock test series for the better preparation.

  1. Join the right coaching centre

Right guidance from the experts plays a major role in the success of your career. Join IRS for the best CA coaching in Delhi for CA foundation. At IRS, we assure you with the right guidance and coaching from expert faculties.

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The best career opportunities you can grab after completion of CA

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There are some obstacles you can face in this competitive world after completing CA. CA course sponsored by combined integrated theoretical learning with practical training that supports management communication skills in a person. If you are a CA aspirant and want to know which career would be the best for you after completion of your CA course, then this blog is going to be really helpful for you. A leading institute for CA coaching in Delhi has brought this blog to let you know about some of the best career opportunities after getting the CA degree. Below is the list –

  1. Chartered Financial Analyst

CFA is an excellent choice if you are planning to make it big in the world of investment banking. CFA career opportunities include investments, banking, equity research, auditing, etc. Even the salary package is also lucrative as a CFA. You can become a Chartered Financial Analyst with a CA degree and get some international opportunities.

  1. Auditor

After clearing the chartered accounting course, an audit is a popular and highly demanding career option. Clearly, a CA’s success depends on its quality of the job, industry connections and durability, and requires a lot of hard work, commitment and persistence in its early years particularly. You can work as an auditor in statutory audit of companies and internal audit of companies. You can perform Cooperative Audits and Forensic Audits.

  1. Entrepreneur

Each person certainly dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur. A CA should focus on taking his company to high levels. One requires creative ability, imagination, analytical thinking, and specific strategic strategies to be an entrepreneur. To start an enterprise in the CA field, an initial work experience needs to be built. An entrepreneur’s mind should be different and think about expansion and should pursue business growth. A CA can undoubtedly be a successful entrepreneur.

If you are planning to start your CA career, then you must join the IRS for the best CA coaching in Delhi. It is one of the best CA coaching institutes that will guide you to achieve success in your CA career.