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Why CA Is Toughest Course In India And How You Can Prepare To Face This Exam?

Chartered Accountancy course is known as the toughest course in India. The student believes that the ICAI sets the CA exam so hard. However, the student often afraid to attempt this exam. But, now you should not have to worry about this because Institute of Rising Star has brought the most amazing opportunity to you so you can make your study more reliable with the IRS mentors by joining CA Foundation Classes.
Here Are Some Tips Which Can Help You To Prepare Your CA Exam:


Register To Attempt CA Foundation

If you are in willingness to register your name to attempt this academic course for your career and want to know how to tackle the confronting troubles of CA while you prepare. Then, you should join the IRS to diminish your CA problems. And you ought to know the tactics and strategies to clear the CA Foundation course.

How Much Times Takes To Prepare For CA?

Are you a hard worker in your academics? If yes, then CA preparation needs little time around four to five months. On this duration, you could able to prepare your exam, and if you prepare with IRS then your theory with practical would get excellent because hard work always pays.

Prepare Your Time Table

The first most step is to make a time table and then follow that wisely. This step would help you minus your blunder mistakes and you would then get better day by day. So, prepare your study material, and take classes of IRS under the proper guidance of IRS experts.

Join IRS

In a student’s life, the teacher plays an important role because proper guidance drives a student into great success instead of failure. So, choose your teacher at IRS and become who you want to become with astonishing teaching. We know Accountancy course is not a game of kids. That is why it needs expert suggestion and instruction before you tell yourself that you are not too intelligent to attempt the CA exam. So join IRS CA Classes to achieve something in your life.

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Best Ways to Stay Motivated While Studying for CA Exam

IRS Caching

We all know that preparing for CA examination is not easy. There is a sheer volume of material you need to learn to get the success in your exams. There are several methods that you need to follow for streamlining your progress. Here in this blog, the best CA Foundation Coaching in Delhi is going to share the best ways to stay motivated while preparing for CA exams. Let’s read these 3 ways that can help to boost your motivation level.

  1. Break down your preparation time

Learning too much challenging chapters at the same can be daunting and often make you feel demotivated. So, it’s vital to break your studying down into small and more manageable time schedule. The idea of completing an entire module in one go can make the things complicated. So make things easier by yourself and plan out what you will study week by week.

  1. Say goodbye to distractions

Distractions are the part of our everyday life. Facebook, WhatsApp,Google, etc. play a major role in distracting you and also a major time suck. So it is essential to take control of them and stay focused on your studies. While studying, switch off your phones, television and computer and study in a calm environment.

  1. Set yourself questions

In all subjects of CA foundation and IPCC, you have to learn long formulas and theories. So when you complete your chapters, make sure to revise them by setting yourself some questions to solve. If you will be able to solve the questions, then you’ve prepared for that particular chapter and if not, then you need to spend some more time for the preparation.

By following these methods, you can stay motivated and prepare for your exams. If you need the guidance of an expert, join an institute, which will help you to study better and motivated.

You can join the IRS, which is a leading center for CA IPCC and CA foundation coaching in Laxmi Nagar. They have the best faculty, who will teach you to become a successful CA.

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Why we should opt for Chartered Accountancy career?

Why we should opt for Chartered Accountancy career?As we all know that Chartered Accountancy is always a glorious and commanding profession. It offers wide range of career opportunities and light up your career. It is an exciting and interesting career option for you. To let you know, why we should opt for Chartered Accountancy career, I am going to share the reasons for why.

Chartered Accountancy career is a rewarding career in finance, and fund management. The students from the background of science and art stream can also make a successful career in this great field. It gives you the opportunity to work in abroad and also in such various fields because a Chartered Accountant is always in high demand in every field of business. Once you qualified, you can work anywhere with a lucrative package. Now, given below are some reasons for why.

Here are some reasons for why we should opt for Chartered Accountancy career.

  • Secure profession

There is no doubt that Chartered Accountancy is a secured and recession proof profession. It is a career that is stable with strong demand for your skills. It is a challenging, exciting and rewarding career that has a great job prospects.

  • Great salary and benefits

The salary of Chartered Accountancy profession is very impressive. After getting a CA degree, you can earn anything starting from 30, 000 to 55, 000 per annum. So, get the degree of this prominent profession and enjoy high salary prospects.

  • Interesting and exciting career

The Chartered Accountancy career is really exciting and interesting. Once you qualified, then you will get to know that CA have truly amazing career and helps to setup the business.

So, these are the reasons for why we should opt for Chartered Accountancy career. If you are a CA aspirant, then you are moving towards a very good career opportunity. For CA education, you need a perfect coaching that helps you to build a successful career in Chartered Accountancy. You can approach the IRS, is the best CA foundation coaching in Delhi and provides the best CA education and training. So, approach the best CA foundation coaching in Laxmi Nagar and make a motivational career in Chartered Accountancy.


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Why to become a Chartered Accountant?

This question might be in your mind that why to become a Chartered Accountant? Is this profession is really good and secure? Is it the right career for me? Many of the students did not know about Chartered Accountancy career. So, in this blog, I am going to answer all these questions that might be in your mind.


The Chartered Accountancy is a secure profession and offers a great choice of career paths.  It will open many doors for your career. It is a professional course which offers great opportunities and wide scope of your career. The Chartered Accountants are always in a great demand. They usually have high and respectable post in an organization. They can join the government sector, private sector, public sector and business houses and industries. It offers wide career in India and in abroad also. The Chartered Accountants can easily work in abroad also with the lucrative packages. Let’s discuss the reasons below.

Here are some reasons for why to become a Chartered Accountant.

  1. Great salary and benefits

The salaries of the Chartered Accountant are impressive. You can earn anything from 30,000 to 60,000 per annum. Once you qualify, you can work in any type of industry and can easily earn a lucrative package.

  1. Job opportunities in abroad

There is also a good opportunity in abroad for the CA aspirants. The properly qualified candidates who’ve good experience and abilities in their area can without problems get jobs in abroad.

  1. Interesting and exciting work

The work of a Chartered Accountant is so exciting and interesting. The work includes in auditing, accounting, and taxation is very simple and exciting. You will not feel bored while doing the work.

So, these are the reasons for why to become a Chartered Accountant. If you are not getting any idea for your future career, then you can opt for Chartered Accountancy that offers a great career opportunity. The best CA foundation coaching in Delhi is the IRS. The IRS provides effective CA foundation classes and training. So, approach CA foundation coaching in Laxmi Nagar and get the best CA foundation coaching.

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Opt for Chartered Accountancy to get better career prospects

In today’s competitive world, Chartered Accountant jobs are rapidly growing. Keep in mind that the Chartered Accountants are always in demand and the degree of Chartered Accountancy offers widening career scope. Opting for Chartered Accountancy offers valuable benefits and career scope. So, in this blog, I am going to share the career opportunities that are offered by this most prominent degree.

Chartered Accountant jobs offer several benefits and these benefits can open the door to a wealth of new opportunities for you. The benefits include excellent pay, professional enhancement, learn as you can. The Chartered Accountancy can be a right path to your success. It gives you an opportunity to move ahead in an exciting and thriving career. If you opt for Chartered Accountancy, then you also get the opportunity to work in abroad also. Now, have a look at the opportunities, which I have shared below.



Let’s start with the basic opportunities offered by chartered accountancy degree.

Jobs are widely available

The chartered accountancy jobs are widely available in every industry. Working in any industry can lead to higher visibility. Chartered accountants can work in the government sector, public sector, and also tackle several issues. They also help with business and solves taxation problems.

Pay packet

The CA candidates who are holding CA inter qualification are paid between 30,000 to 65,000. It also depends on the type of firm. The starting salaries of freshers candidates start from 12,000 to 30,000, which is also depending on the nature of the economy.

Demand and supply

As I told you above, the Chartered Accountant is always in demand. Every industry needs a Chartered Accountant to see their better development and growth in Indian economy.

So, these are the opportunities offered by chartered accountancy degree. If you want to become successful and want to make your career thriving, then opting for Chartered Accountancy can be very beneficial for you. The IRS is a leading institute for the best CA coaching in Delhi. It provides the best education of Chartered Accountancy. So, approach the IRS and get the best CA foundation coaching in Delhi.