How to prepare for CA at home during the current pandemic situation

Chartered Accountancy is one of the most prestigious career choices in India, but going through the procedure of becoming a CA is quite frustrating for the aspirants. There are very few aspirants who make it possible to clear Chartered Accountancy in first attempt because all the three attempts of Chartered Accountancy are regarded as the toughest exams in India.


It’s a dream of every commerce student to become a Successful Chartered Accountant, but as the pandemic has affected the entire nation very badly, it’s quite tough for the students to cope up with their studies. If you are planning to clear CA exam after the pandemic ends, then you’d have to prepare at your home with complete dedication. Hard work is important to achieve success in Chartered Accountancy career. An institute for CA coaching in Delhi has brought this blog to share some tips to prepare for the CA exam. Let’s check them out!



  1. Prepare a time-table


First, step is to prepare a time table to schedule every activity that you do throughout the day. Students who assume that preparing time table is the waste of time is time make a big blunder in their career. Create a good schedule instead of spending time each day worrying about what to do. Choose the study material and assign time to each topic and chapter based on the days remaining in your exam.


  1. Study online


The best way to prepare during this pandemic situation is to study online. There are a lot of CA institutes that are providing online CA classes to the students at a very affordable price. Clarity on the concepts is essential from the basic level and you’ll get the clarity only if you get the guidance of experts. Chartered Accountancy is a tough journey, joining online coaching classes will guide you toward success.


  1. Prepare Your Own Revision Notes


The CA course is incredibly expansive and almost constant in a day and your handwritten notes are the perfect source of information to study during the revision period and exam. Please make your own quick notes during online classes that will be very useful during your test.


If you want to join the best online coaching, then join IRS, which is a leading institute for the Best CA coaching in Delhi. You can join online CA classes of IRS and clear your CA exams successfully.

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